From the Ancient times, it is known that wounds is a initial basic causes to pain, disability and death.

According to scientific studies carried out recently, developed innovative methods for breakthrough - dramatically alter the mechanisms of healing and wound care.

During the course , we review the various wound types, the causes and the formation of any one of them. and above all - the advanced treatment methods to cure.

Using new technologies and treatments that will be reviewed in the course will learn how we can prevent organ resection, disability, and death. 
How can we mend and heal wounds and return to full functioning correctly when only a few years ago there considered hopeless.

The course will review a several types of wounds - from trauma, injury to combat work-related and injuries and accidents.
Chronic wounds resulting from diabetes and other diseases, Bedsores and so forth.

The course focuses on methods of treatment including an understanding of the working principle, scientific basis, particularly clinical care.

The course Academic manager - Dr. Morris Topaz, a specialist in plastic surgery, 
Head, Plastic Surgery Unit, Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, Hadera, Israel